Crossing Petropolis x Teresopolis

Private Trail Running & Walking Tour - 29 km done in 1 day

  • 14 horas
  • From 500 BRL**
  • Your Hotel in Rio de Janeiro, City


ABOUT THE TOUR Petropolis & Teresopolis Cities are 90-100km far from Rio de Janeiro Capital The tour duration shown is an estimate including the round trip from Rio City, by car. This is the most famous trail in Brazil. It is located in the Serra dos Órgãos National Park and is also part of the Serra do Mar Trail, which is a long-distance trail that runs through several cities and cuts off some conservation units that protect the Atlantic Forest from the state of Rio de Janeiro. Along the route we go through ridges and valleys, where we can see peaks such as Garrafão (Wine Bottle), Pico do Dedo de Deus (God's Finger Peak), besides the Castelos do Açu (Açu Castles) and Pedra do Sino (Bell Rock), that are part of the route. From Pedra do Sino we can see Rio de Janeiro City (Christ the Reedemer, Pedra da Gávea, Guanabara Bay and Tijuca Forest Although it is a running tour, the pace is pleasant for the runner to enjoy the tour. Therefore, we will walk when pertinent, stop at strategic points for physiological recovery and also to contemplate and photograph. ROUTE DETAILS: Floor: Trail / Stone slab Difficulty: Level 6 - Hard Upper Pace: Individual / collective Uphill (+) accumulated: 2166 meters Downhill (-) accumulated: 2234 meters  WHAT IS INCLUDED Private guide/tour Individual pace Tour route Tickets for National Park Transportation Hotel in Rio City x National Park x Hotel in Rio City MEETING POINT: Your Hotel in Rio de Janeiro, City. IF YOU NEED, CONTACT US +55 21 968 557 955 ADDITIONAL INFO: Since this is a customized on-demand tour, feel free to contact us using the e-mail above, if you do not want to book right away. We will work together considering the number of participants, the pick-up location, the route, and all further details to provide the tours that best suit your event needs. PRICE LIST** 1 person = 1400 BRL 2 people = 1600 BRL (800 BRL/person)  3 people = 1800 BRL (600 BRL/person) 4 people = 2000 BRL (500 BRL/person) AVAILABLE TIMES This information below is in Portuguese. It is a limitation of our system. Sorry about that. But if you click on BOOK NOW below, you can see available times in calendar format / per month.



According to the Brazilian customer protection law, you can cancel within 7 days after booking. If you want to cancel or change the booking date, please, contact us.


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