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Run & Visit Rio


We are a tourism agency that offers Running Tour in Rio de Janeiro (Rio City and another cities nearby).

We make registrations for the main races that happens in Rio City and we offer support on the competitions days.

Although we specialize in Running Tour, we also offer private guides for walkers and hikers.

About  Running Tour


It is a type of tourism that has been practiced for many years all over the world (more than 200 organizations) and now also here in Rio de Janeiro. It is a recreational way to practice tourism, running in a relaxed way, at a comfortable pace, and can be practiced in the city (City Running Tours) or on the mountain (Trail Running Tours). At times, it involves walking, quick stops for contemplation and knowing the history, which is, we do not run all the time, but is exclusive for runners.


To check out the places in the world that offer the running tour, visit Running Tours Net.

Our Services

  • Private Tours or General Public:

  • City Running Tour (sightseeing and running in historic city center)

  • Trail Running Tour (sightseeing and running on trails in the city of Rio de Janeiro and neighboring cities)

  • Hiking Tour (sightseeing and walking on trails in the city of Rio de Janeiro and neighboring cities)


Registration and support in the main runs of the City of Rio de Janeiro, such as the Rio de Janeiro International Half Marathon or Marvelous City Challenge.

Making Legal Tourism

The Rio Running Tour is a company registered in the Government Agencies that inspect the Tourism Agencies in Brazil:


  • National Registry of Legal Entities (CNPJ): 26.795.819 / 0001-86

  • Ministry of Tourism (CADASTUR): 19.084839.10.0001-9


Therefore, we are a 100% Brazilian company that has adopted an English name to make and be a reference of Running Tour in Rio de Janeiro.

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Our history (words of the founder)


My name is Cláudia Melo. I am a Specialist in Psychomotricity (Education and Clinical) by the Brazilian Institute of Medicine and Rehabilitation (IBMR), Teacher of Physical Education licensed by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Tour Guide by the Integrated Center for Study in Tourism and Hospitality (CIETH) and founder of the Rio Running Tour.


I met and fell in love with running long before I went to school in my childhood. I lived running all the time! The pleasure of playing running was so great that I began to run for other reasons. In this way, I experienced the movement of running from the natural movement, through the childhood games, to the sports technique, experiencing serious training routines to participate in competitions and also initiating students and coaching amateur athletes.


At a certain point in my history, the heavy training routines and medals I won just after crossing the finish line have stopped satisfying me. Reflecting on my experiences with the spontaneous run from my childhood, I understood that my horizon was limited by a finish line, uncreative and that did not motivate me as much as before. I then decided to move away from the routines I was having with the run (I moved away from professional routines too) and went to live a sabbatical year, exploring some places: running.


I really enjoyed that experience: running, meeting people, different cultures, adding new knowledge and values, but ... I had to go back to work! The desire to keep the travel and freedom to run like that made me think a lot: how to add the experience of traveling with work? I decided to go back to my studies and qualify as a tour guide.


Today, I practice running as a means of getting people to discover a new world and I discover a new world with them as well. It goes beyond simply showing the places I already know. This is because I see and live the run.

Mission Statement

To promote a pleasant tourism experience, leading you to know Rio de Janeiro in the most fun way that every runner likes: running, valuing and respecting natural and cultural monuments, encouraging tourism practices that aim at preserving and respecting the city and nature.


Develop the practice of the Running Tour in Rio de Janeiro, stimulating people to reflect on the importance of valuing and maintaining cultural and natural heritage for social development and preservation of national identity.


Act with focus on the client, serving with pleasure; Acting with security management; Exercising Ethics and Respect; Practicing and stimulating socio-environmental responsibility.

Social Responsibility Actions

To stimulate healthy practices and practices of conscious consumption; and

Promote programs that aim social development

Our Social Responsibility Program

To promote practices that contribute to effective behavior change to develop good behavior is a challenge for all of us. We've developed a program that runs in this direction and invites you to run as well. Know more about it by clicking here!

About Rio Running Tour



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CADASTUR: 19.08483910001-9 | CNPJ: 26.795.819/0001-86 | Razão Social: Claudia Silva de Melo | TODOS OS DIREITOS RESERVADOS

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