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Run & Visit Rio




What is running tour?

It is a type of tourism that consists of knowing places running, making quick and strategic stops to contemplate, photograph and hear stories about the places visited.

Who can practice running tour?

The running tour is for the runner. No need to be an athlete! Just have a reasonable running training routine for you to enjoy the tour. We have easy routes for running and others that require more technique and physical performance. But do not worry, on all routes, the pace of running is always comfortable for you to enjoy the tour.

What do I need to take to practice the running tour?

A hydration backpack, cap, running clothes, light or reinforced snacks (for longer tours), anorak (for rainy days), an extra change of clothes (optional for longer tours), repellent (for trail tours), toiletries, sunscreen, compact camera and a nice smile on the face to look good in the photos!

During the running tour, do we run all the time?

No. When the routes have a very steep hill, we walk fast. Also, as we walk to ensure safety on rugged floor (trail running tour) or even stop, to listen to stories, to contemplate or recover energy, to ensure well-being and safety. Remember: it's a running tour. It is not training, nor a run competition. We all run together!

What is open group tour?

When you buy a running tour for an open group, you are part of the group. Therefore, the pace is collective. If you happen to feel bad, the group will have to adjust or even suffer with the cancellation of the tour, if that is the case. In this case, you who were on the tour with conditions to do so, will receive a voucher or your money back.

What is private tour or private group tour?

It's a tour with an exclusive tour guide for you or your group. Remembering that if a person in your group can not continue the tour that has already started, the group will have the tour canceled and will not be able to receive the money back unless it is a large group and has had the need for more than one guide. In this case, one guide cares who is not well and the other guide leads the group.

How do I stay hydrated during the running tour?

We always suggest that each participant take their water, at least one liter of water, if the tour is for the city, or two liters, if the tour is on the trail. On some tours you can buy water on the way, but we do not recommend it. On other tours we have nowhere to shop, but we have places along the way to get water from natural sources. Rio de Janeiro has high temperatures for most of the year. Therefore, you must have hydration equipment.

Can I desist the tour after it has already started?

On private tours you can stop whenever you want. In open group tours there is some information that you should know. In City Running Tours, you can leave the tour at any time, because we will be in the city. The guide will help you by indicating the means of transportation for you to leave. At Trail Running Tours, open group, you must be with the guide. Therefore, if a client is not in a condition to continue, for safety reasons, the tour is canceled for everyone. In this case, customers who were able to do the tour will receive a voucher or receive their money back.

Is there anyone who can keep my belongings during the tour?

No. We always advise you to take just enough, because the guide will also be carrying his belongings and still the collective first aid kit.

Is there a bathroom along the way?

In the city, we have public toilets in specific places. On the trails, we used the natural bathroom.

Is the running tour done on rainy days?

Each case is evaluated. In the city, weak rain does not stop the tour from happening, for these situations we indicate the use of anorak, and heavy rain can delay or even prevent the tour from happening. In this case, we offer a voucher or refund your money. On trail tours, weak rains do not prevent the tour from happening. And very heavy rains on the day, or even the day before, can cancel the tour. Because if we continue we can cause soil erosion. In this case, we offer a voucher or refund your money.

Is there an age limit to participate of the running tours?

There is no age limit, but under the age of 18 must be accompanied by parents or guardians or authorized by them

Can dogs participate in running tours?

No, except for guide dogs. In the city the environment is hostile to them and on the trails, it is not allowed by conservation units.

What is Running Tour Guide?

A Tour Guide specialized in Running Tour.



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